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Feathering The Nest

July 17, 2015
Gwendolyn Burkin & Richard Nylon

Gwendolyn Burkin & Richard Nylon

Richard Nylon meets William Johnston

Part of the Johnston Collection House of Ideas Series


From the moment I walked into this riveting exhibition I felt I was walking into a moment of Tardis time travel. Standing on a superb marquetry table was a rhythmically ticking metronome. A moment of whimsy was provided by the ostrich feathers attached to the metronome as its pendulum swung back and forth tick, tick, tick, tick.

The Tardis Time Travel Room

The Tardis Time Travel Room

Hanging on the walls were numerous antique clocks dating from the 17th century, marking a technological shift in the recording of time. From this period of time, time itself was no longer simply marked by the ringing of church bells. Perhaps our grandchildren living in a digital age will never relate to the comforting sounds of a ticking clock. And there amongst these relics of another age was the ever so present Richard in the form of a tiny figurine. This was indeed a house of ideas.

Hat ‘Oseau chapeau’, by Iranian Fatemeh V

Richard had imprinted his own sense of theatre on the engaging boudoir with a resplendent golden sun bedhead, which signified that we had now returned to the Court of the Sun King, Louis XIV. On the bed itself there were many tiny ceramic English Setters happily attending their master in bed. Who would have known that Louis XIV adored dogs? He fed them biscuits baked by the Royal pastry chef and they slept in beds made from walnut and ebony marquetry lined with crimson velvet in the chamber des chiens next door to his own bedchamber.

My favourite room however was the philosopher’s room with a round table displaying a splendid collection of small busts of revered philosophers from the past each adorned by Richard with glamorous evening hats. I liked Socrates glamorous chapeau– were the gold leaves the leaves of hemlock that led to Socrates death?

As Socrates so famously said “ An unexamined life is not worth living – Richard seems to concur with this statement in maintaining that to examine ones life is the only life worth living.

There were lots of conundrums, witty statements, and extravagances as only a rich imaginative, fertile mind like Richards could conceive. This is an exhibition not to be missed. To view phone The Johnston Collection 9416 2515.

A Bewitching Private Recital June 2015

Soprano Antoinette Halloran, Tenor James Egglestone and Bass Baritone Shane Lowrencev

Tory West, Me & Lesleigh Jermanus

Tory West, Me & Lesleigh Jermanus

A bewitching concert displaying the storms, passion and joys of popular opera arias, in an elegant, private setting, with magnificent flowers, fabulous food and fascinating guests – a tribute to the talent and charm of our host Di Bresciani founder of YMFA.

YMFA is an organisation established to foster music and support of young musicians.


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