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Could this be the Rebirth of the Mexican Hat Dance?

February 16, 2012

Valentines Day 2012 - Hat Torb & Rainer

The Mexicans were no where in sight, but then again it was Valentines Day and my Valentine gave me my favorite perfume from Hermes.

This video clip from International fashion house Prada clearly demonstrates one hat can make an outfit. In this case – one hat or should I say striped sombrero appears in not just one but in multiple colours. There is no doubt Miuccia Prada knows how to capture the fashion zeitgeist.The colours are vibrant, energetic, acid orange contrast with bold electric blue, green set against yellow, fuchsia pink and purple, happy, playful, electrifying colour. I am captured by the exuberance of the music, the vitality of the dancing and the style, style, style!

Baker's 1920s Eton CropOn many of the dresses Miuccia Prada has doodled pictures of the exotic dancer Josephine Baker probably inspired by the early imagery of famed artist Paul Colin. The influence of the 1920s style icon was also seen in the jazz inspired music, slick Marcel finger-waved hair and the syncopated gyrating movements of the Charleston.

Baker made the Charleston famous in Paris in 1926 by dancing in a skirt of bananas and little else. Her hairstyle was called the Eton crop. To keep her finger waved hairstyle slick and shiny she created her own commercially sold pomade – The Bakerfix.

As you can see the models in the Prada clip wore whimsical curlicue baroque frames and striped sombrero hats on their backs. In flapper mode, the models carried exuberantly colored fur stoles that clashed violently with the stripes and baroque prints they were wearing. Unlike Baker who preferred matching clothing all the way down to her shoes, which were always dyed to match her ensemble.

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