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Superb Concert

November 7, 2011

1940s hat by Sandie and Aimee

Last night we attended a truly wonderful private concert in Toorak. Our host was Di Bresciani, Founder and Managing Director of Youth Music Foundation of Australia which vigorously supports outstanding young Australian musicians with study overseas.

I wore my vintage 1940s hat by Sandie and Aimee

Katerina Mitchell Violinist and pianist Louisa Breen are both brilliant musicians, recipients of YMF assistance. Both musicians studied at the Royal College of Music London and both won the highest prizes at this prestigious college. Last nights concert repertoire included Brahms, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky and Sibelius.

Katerina’s mother told me that she was given her first violin when she was just one and half years old. Berek Segan, AM, OBE, lent Katerina his priceless 300 year old violin for this special occasion.

Zen and The Art of Tea.

Bridging and Connecting; Hand to Hand – Uniting People; Lecture by the Japanese Grand Master of Tea at the National Gallery of Victoria, Saturday November 5.

The tea ceremony and lecture in Melbourne at the National Gallery of Victoria was to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Melbourne Chapter of the Urasenke Tea School. The school practices Chado, the Way of Tea, which seeks to refresh the spirit by mindfully offering and receiving tea in a setting that ‘unifies the teahouse and garden”.

The present Grand Master is Soshitsu Sen. He is the XVIth Grand Master. He is an ordained Zen clergyman and Abbott of a main Rinzai sect temple. This is his first visit to Australia.

Urasenke was founded in the 16th century by Sen No Rikyuu, Tea Master and advisor to Oda Nounaga and later Toyotomi Hideyoshi, famous warriors who started the unification of Japan under the Shogun.

Soshitsu Sen’s father spread Chado, the Way of Tea around the world after WW11 seeing tea as a means of encouraging peace and understanding. Sen’s father advocates that to understand the Way of Tea means one absorbs the spiritual ideals of Harmony, Respect, Purity, and Tranquility.

Soshitsu Sen spoke of Zen and the Way of Tea at his lecture and its affinity towards nature and the pursuit of aestheticism. He suggests that through Chado you can achieve enlightenment – you begin to know yourself. He advocates being creative in your life which will bring you a feeling of satisfaction and joy in what you undertake and acheive. The stage of the auditorium at the NGV featured a magnificent screen by Maio Motoko. An exhibition of Maio’s screens will be exhibited at Lesley Kehoe Gallery,101 Collins Street opening on November 17.

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